About Us

In 2019, Chef Hoppie was already cooking for many of the Dallas Cowboys players. That summer, Ezekiel was looking for a chef to cater an event, and turned to the people he spends the most time with--his teammates. Immediately, they suggested that he hire Chef Hoppie, and the two have worked together regularly ever since. In 2020, Chef Hoppie realized the demand for a meal prep service that caters to specific needs, such as gaining or losing weight. He was already customizing these meals for Zeke, and proposed that they start this business together to make healthy food more accessible for their fans. They had a common goal--to provide healthy, exciting meals to help others perform at a high level in their respective fields. With Elliott’s slogan of “Feed Zeke” and “Stay Hungry” and Chef Hoppie’s slogan “You Gotta Be Hungry”, they have seamlessly created the perfect brands to merge and build a fun, unique, tasteful, meal prep business -- Hoppin’ Preps.


Chef Hoppie – Chef Hoppie is one of the biggest upcoming chefs in the country. With his extensive list of celebrity clientele and original style of cooking and creating recipes, he has supporters anticipating a statewide delivery service.

Ezekiel Elliott – Zeke is one of, if not the best running back in the National Football League on the largest franchise in sports, the Dallas Cowboys. Everybody wants to eat like their favorite athlete, and once Zeke hired Chef Hoppie, everybody wanted to mimic the meals he created for Elliott.

When you eat healthy, you feel good, and you perform even better.